HD BOX/K-100 Heavy Duty Solid Wall Box Lintel 1350mm

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Keystone HD BOX/K-100 1350mm – A heavy duty load box lintel used to support openings in 100mm wide solid walls.

  • For heavy duty loading conditions to support concrete floors and point loads.
  • The box lintel has perforations along its length acting as a plaster key.
  • Box lintels must have a minimum end bearing of 150mm on each side of the opening, bedded on mortar.
  • The box lintel is designed to carry the full load of wet masonry as soon as it is installed.
Wall Type / Lintel Type: Solid Wall – Box Lintel
Duty Load: Heavy Duty
Height: 150mm
Width: 95mm
Length: 1350mm
Weight: 13.88kg
Length (mm) Height (mm) Thickness (mm) Total UDL kN
150 2.5 50
150 2.5 45
215 2.5 50
215 2.5 40


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